ELLANSE –  А New Generation Dermal Filler

The need to restore facial volume and rejuvenate appearance is fully met by Ellanse, a new generation of dermal fillers that restores natural and beautiful appearance with the results lasting much longer.

The decision which type of the Ellanse products to choose to fully meet your needs should be taken with your physician. Unlike the rest of the injectable dermal fillers. Ellanse allows you to enjoy the long-lasting results without repeating the treatment every 3 to 9 months.

Ellanse is a unique dermal filler made of soft biomedical polycaprolactone micro-spheres suspended in a tailor-made gel. As Ellanse is totally bioresorbable, it will be replaced by the body’s own tissue over time and naturally reabsorbed by the body.  Ellanse is a safe and clinically proven treatment, made in line with the highest international safety and quality standards.

Ellanse products are available in four versions offering different duration of the result. Due to its unique characteristics, elasticity and safety, Ellanse utilises the body’s natural response to stimulate the generation of the body’s own collagen to restore a fresh and youthful look for a long time. The desired correction is visible immediately after the treatment and is retained for the performance duration depending on the chosen product. Since Ellansé is totally bioresorbable which ensures it will completely disappear from your body after the desired duration.

Unlike the rest of the dermal fillers, Ellanse gives a natural and longer lasting, but non-permanent result. Ellansé is a safe and clinically proven synthetic dermal filler,  composed of medically tested substances used in numerous European (CE-marked) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved commercial bioresorbable medical device applications. Ellanse™  is developed by AQTIS Medical™, using a new technology allowing  sustained performance, total bioresorbability after its performance duration. Ellanse™ is the first dermal filler offering tunable longevity between 1 and 4 years:

  • Ellanse™ – S – duration of performance – 1 year
  • Ellanse™ – M – duration of performance – 2 years
  • Ellanse™ – L – duration of performance – 3 years
  • Ellanse™ – E – duration of performance – 4 years