New consultation BGN 40

Follow-up Consultation BGN 25

Medical ear piercing BGN 45

Obstructive sleep apnea consultation including oximetry BGN 60

Indirect laryngoscopy consultation BGN 50

Pulse oxymetry BGN 30

Anterior tamponade of the nose BGN 45

Nose tamponade removal BGN 45

Non-surgical nasal foreign body removal BGN 50

Chemical nasal cauterization BGN 50

A nose swab culture BGN 10

A throat swab culture BGN 10

An ear drainage culture BGN 10

Rhinoscopy and rhinoplasty consultation BGN 55

Foreign body retrieval from throat BGN 50

Ear foreign body removal BGN 80

Ear cleaning and wax removal BGN 40

Ear canal furuncle incision BGN 70

Wound care dressing BGN 30-50

СО2 Laser snoring treatment BGN 100-150

Laser treatment of chronically infected tonsils BGN 150-300