Benign growths of various types (papillomas, condylomas, warts, seborrhoeic and actinic keratoses) can be treated with the CO2 laser. The laser beam reaches very precisely all areas of the face and body and removes skin imperfections without leaving traces. The recovery period is short and requires no special care.

Excision of nevus (moles) and various skin growths due to cosmetic or medical reasons
Excision is used to remove malignant and non-malignant growths which require an additional laboratory tests. After a shot of anesthesia a leaf-shaped incision is made around the mole. The long diagonal of the cut is oriented towards the skin tension lines aiming to achieve better aesthetic results. After the mole removal the dermatologist applies internal dissolvable stitches and external non-dissolvable stitches. A waterproof bandage is put on the wound and the thread sutures are removed in 8 to 12 days.
Electrocoagulation is a technique that uses a high-frequency electrical current to remove warts, fibroids, corns, dilated blood vessels that are visible through the skin and other benign skin growths without visible scars.

What should I do after the procedure?
– do not wet the treated area;
– do not use antiseptics or any other epithelizing cream;
– avoid sun exposure;