Aesthetic Club, a laser and dermatology clinic, is the only clinic in Varna offering the new method for skin rejuvenation in aesthetic dermatology – cell therapy with your own plasma Regen PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). The procedure involves bio stimulation of stem cells by means of activating the patient’s own growth factors and cells.
The 3-stage treatment leads to less fine lines and wrinkles, better skin hydration and healthy skin with improved elasticity. It also helps to fade acne and stretch marks, reduce the intensity of dark spots and return the glow to your skin.
This avant-garde method is extremely effective for tissue rejuvenation.
Many patients prefer the method as mesotherapy with a natural filler – made from the patient’s own concentrated plasma. The effect of the procedure on all patients is easily foreseeable. The beneficial effect is achieved after 2 to 3 procedures.
This is a natural method for tissue regeneration which saves patients from the side effects of having a foreign substance in their bodies. Regen PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) is a cutting-edge method helping patients to achieve better results thanks to their own bodies and an experienced dermatologist.For further information, please call: 052 60 60 12 ; 088 70 70 9071. What is the Regen Lab procedure?

The procedure starts off with taking a sample of venous blood which is immediately spun in a centrifuge for 10 minutes. Platelets are separated from red blood cells. An anaesthetic cream is applied to the areas to be treated. The platelet rich plasma is produced by separating the platelets (active cells) by a gel. The Platelet Rich Plasma is then injected in the skin by means of mesotherapy into the mid to deep dermis.

2.How long does the procedure take?
The procedure takes approximately 1,5 hours.

3.Which body parts can be treated?
This injection treatment can be done on face, eye contour,
cheeks, d?collet?. This treatment also gives good results for hair re-growth.

4.What are the advantages of Regen Lab?
Tissue regeneration and rejuvenation. Improved production of collagen, better condition of blood vessels, improved extracellular matrix.
It is prepared from your own blood; it is a natural product i.e. contains no animal or synthetic products; the risk of rejection or allergic reactions is minimized; improves tissue condition after traumas;

5.Do we need to have a blood test beforehand?
No, the procedure does not cause allergic reactions because it is performed with your own blood.

6.Are the results immediate?
The regeneration of collagen takes 6 weeks and depends on the skin condition and lifestyle. More mature skins require 3 procedures.

7.How long does the result last?
After collagen regenration, the results depend on your unique skin type and upon your post-treatment skin care. In general, 2 to 3 procedures will help you to preserve the results over the next 18 months.

8.Is the procedure painful?
Local anaesthetic is administed during the procedure (EMLA cream is applied).

9.What can I expect after the procedure?
Redness, swelling, purple spots in the treated areas, mild pain. The side effects gradually diminish within a few hours up to 2 days after the procedure. Following doctor’s instructions on caring for your skin after the treatment will help your skin heal.

10.Will I be able to return to work immediately after the procedure?
It is adviseable to perform the procedure in the late afternoon and to avoid putting on make-up.