Aging leads to facial volume loss as a result of fatty tissue migration, lax skin, bone structural changes and gravity. The loss of volume in the cheekbones near the temples beneath the eyes and the lower positioning of the lateral cheeks make the face look tired and worn out. Nasolabial folds deepen and become more pronounced, mouth corners droop, lower eyelids also droop and create a tired and sad look.

Restoring volume in mid face and cheek contouring lead to a more youthful V-shaped face contour, lifting the lower part of the face, smoothing out nasolabial folds, mouth corner lift and improvement of facial proportions.

Cheekbones should have a suitable shape and size depending on the individual  characteristics of each and every face.

Your physician is going to assess your face and aging process in order to choose the most suitable treatment to restore the youthful look of your face.

We restore the lost volumes in the cheekbone area by injecting dermal fillers with high viscosity and elasticity, which generally have effects lasting 1-1,5-2 years.

Dermal fillers in the cheekbone area are usually injected deeply above the bone or deep dermis with a needle or cannula. Just a few punctures on both sides of the face are enough to achieve the desired shape and volume.

Soreness, slight bruising and swelling may occur after the treatment. These discomforts disappear within a few days. You can use make-up to cover up.

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