Mesotherapy is a method that involves the injection of a cocktail of amino acids, vitamins, micro elements, hyaluronic acid and other active substances aiming to activate the cells producing the skin’s main building blocks (collagen, elastin, intercellular substance) in the skin layer known as mesoderm.
The injections are meant to achieve hydration, tighten the skin and improve its tone, to have an anti-cellulite and lipolytic effect.
Depending on the used cocktails, mesotherapy is used to treat a number of skin problems:
-mesotherapy for hair loss – male and female pattern hair loss
-mesotherapy for face – helps to tone, tighten and hydrate the skin
-mesotherapy for neck and décolletage
-mesotherapy of stretch marks (size and depth reduction)
-mesotherapy for hands – glow, hydration and skin firming
-mesotherapy for body – with an anti-cellulite, lipolytic and firming effect