Nutrition Services and Dietetic Counseling

1. Dietary consultation for various health problems and physiological conditions
• Overweight and obesity
• Metabolic disorders (gout, diabetes, osteoporosis, etc.)
• Digestive and cardiovascular system disorders
• Nutrition and skin health
• Food allergies and intolerances
• Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding period, losing weight after pregnancy, child nutrition and introduction of solid foods to babies
• Identification of eating deficits and anti-ageing therapies
2.Tailoring an individualized eating plan
The individualised recommendations and eating plans are tailored after asking numerous detailed questions about client’s current eating habits (diet, food preferences, fluid intake, etc.) general health and lifestyle, specific medical conditions and food intolerance test results.
The bespoke eating plan takes into account the realistically-set goals and requires medical checkups, blood and other test results. The test results and body composition analysis will allow the dietician to put together an eating plan suitable for the organism-specific metabolism.
The completion of a 3-day food diary is advisable before dietary consultations (you will get instructions upon calling to book an appointment).How do you benefit from a bespoke eating plan?
• Better control over your appetite, even over your cravings for sweets. Even if you feel very much like eating a dessert, you will have a proper alternative not causing damage to your weight!
• Following the eating plan helps you achieve the set goal and most importantly – gives you the necessary confidence that you have the ticket to safe and long-term weight loss.
• Successful and working solutions for suitable foods to meet your snacking and eating on-the-run needs.
• If you do not eat certain food groups (vegeterians, food allergies and intolerances, etc.), the individualised eating plan will prevent you from eating deficits and the ensuing health issues.
3.Body composition analysis and body fat percentage
4.Food intolerance testing

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