Facial treatments:

1. Facial cleansing
2. Cleansing and relaxing treatment for men
3. Hydration therapy
4. Calmo-derm treatment
5. Anti-aging treatment with a facelift effect
6. Revitalizing treatment with algae mask
7. Deep enzyme cleansing and hydration therapy
8. Relaxing massage (face, neck and neckline)
Eyebrow shaping
Waxing for women
Waxing for men


Dermaheal is a unique anti-aging formula. The products containing biomimetic peptides block the undesirable chemical reactions within the cell, preserve the long-term results and have a combined effect on various facial skin flaws.

Dermaheal SR and HRS reduce fine lines, improve skin tone and elasticity, reduce acne and correct skin with dilated pores. HSR containing Hyaluronic acid has a moisturising, rejuvenating and revitalising skin effect.

Dermaheal HL prevents hair loss and male and female pattern alopecia. The formula induces hair regrowth, revitalizes hair follicles and stimulates blood circulation. It also improves scalp condition and makes hair thicker from the roots to the ends. Moisturises and nourishes the scalp. The formula contains 57 active substances including vitamins, biomimetic peptides, minerals, coenzymes, amino acids, nucleic acids.

Dermaheal LL helps your body get rid of excess fat and cellulite. The formula containing Decapeptide-4, Carnitine and Hydrogenated Lecithin promotes muscle metabolism and treats loose skin and cellulite.

Dermaheal standard treatment scheme:

1/ weekly over the first month
2/ monthly over the second month
3/ monthly maintenance sessions

Dermaheal products can be combined and applied to different areas depending on one’s personal programme.

DERMAHEAL mesotherapy

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