естетик клубWe opened on 13th April 2011 with a water blessing ceremony, many flowers, lots of Italian sparkling wine and among many friends. Having a team of just three people, lots of enthusiasm, faith and professionalism we put in a lot of energy to make our dream come true – beauty, health and self-confidence for all clients who put their trust in us.

Our team has grown over the years. Unfortunately, we lost Dr. Violeta Parzulova for good. We learnt from our mistakes and celebrated our success together. Today, we have a team of 15 people – young, ambitious and highly-qualified. Aesthetic club provides three lines of treatments – a beauty center, an aesthetic center and dermatology, which complete the cycle of care for health and beauty. Full of energy and professionalism we move forward with a smile in the name of all who trust us!

Thank you for your trust!

Dr. Yanita Mihailova and Nevena Belcheva

„Aesthetic Club” – The newest clinic for aesthetic medicine
Officially opened since April 13, 2011

I was born on 13th November 1973 in the city of Varna and the number 13 has always brought me luck! I graduated from a language high school where I studied German and Russian, while the latter was studied by all students from my generation. The Medical university of Varna gave me the foundations of my medical profession and Dr. Drumeva, who was an assistant professor at that time, provoked my interest into skin and venereal diseases ever since I was at the university. I could call Dr. Drumeva, Prof. Penev and Assoc. Prof. Tomov my teachers. Read more

Creativity and clarity of purpose – these are the personal qualities I value the most. I was born on 5th December 1976. I obtained a diploma in Fine and Applied Arts in Bourgas. In 1995 I continued my higher education in Finance at the University of Economics in Varna. Right after my graduation I started off working at United Bulgarian Bank AD and then worked at Bulgarian American Credit Bank AD. My 10-year working experience in the bank sector helped me develop personal qualities such as punctuality, loyalty, communicativeness and team work skills. Read more

I was born on 9th September 1974. I was raised in a family with traditions in the science of medicine which I decided to continue. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Medicine from the Medical University of Varna ‘Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov’ in 1999. I have had an interest in dermatology since I was at university and despite the fact that my mother is a paediatrician, I decided to specialise in Skin and Venereal diseases. I trained in Dermatology and Venereology at the Medical University of Varna and completed my postgraduate training in 2006. Read more

I completed my primary education in medicine at the Medical University of Varna “Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov”.Then I furthered my medical education in the Clinic of Dermatology and Venereology by completing a 4-year postgraduate training at the Medical University of Varna. I have also completed a specialty training programme at the Clinic of Dermatology at ‘St. Marina’ university multi-profile hospital in Varna. In addition, I have also completed medical training courses and acquired certificates for injectable dermal fillers, Botulinum toxin and laser therapy. Read more

Д-р Димитра Никифорова – дерматолог 
Завърших медицина през 2013 год. в МУ “Проф. Д-р П.Стоянов”, град Варна. През септември 2016 год. започнах работа като асистент в катедрата по „Дерматология и венерология”  МУ-Варна. Преподавам на студенти от специалност „Медицина” и „Стоматология”, включително чуждоезиково обучение. Работя в отделението по Кожни болести като дерматолог в МБАЛ “Св.Марина”. През декември 2018 год. придобих специалност по Кожни и венерически болести. Прочети още

I have been teaching subjects relating to healthy eating and curative nutrition to students and trainee doctors at the Medical University of Varna since 2003. I am also an academic mentor of students under the project for student practises at the Medical University of Varna. I have participated in numerous national and international scientific congresses on obesity and clinical nutrition. I am also the author of over 25 specialised publications in various Bulgarian and international magazines. I have completed specialist courses and trainings in obesity treatment, diet therapy for different diseases, nutrition of pregnant and breastfeeding women. Read more

Д-р Николета Табакова – акушер-гинеколог
Придобих магистърска степен по медицина в МУ-Варна през 2013 г. През 2018г. придобих специалност по Акушерство и гинекология. Понастоящем работя като специалист по акушерство и гинекология в СБАГАЛ – Варна.
Интересите ми в областта на естетичната гинекология датират от няколко години насам, когато в България темата все още беше “табу”. Посещавам курсове и “work shops”, “hands-on” обучения в страната и чужбина, за да предложа на своите пациенти най- съвременните и ефективни методи в областта на гениталната естетика.Прочети още

Д-р Петя Генова – УНГ
Родена съм на първи октомври 1973г., завърших ПМГ „Акад. Методи Попов” и МУ „Проф. Д-р П. Стоянов” – Варна. През 1998г. завърших Английския колеж Stanton School of English, London, England. През 2006г. приключих успешно специализация по УНГ, Хирургия на Главата и Шията, Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, Hadassah Medical Center,Hadassah University Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel. Прочети още

Галя Тонева – медицински козметик, масажист, козметик
Аз съм отговорен и позитивен човек. С голямо желание се отдавам на работата си и имам потребности за бъдещо развитие. Професионалното ми обучение започва от учебен център Европа преди 10 години. След това, за повишаване на квалификацията си, преминах обучение и в Euro Institute of beaute and cosmetology AURA гр. Варна. Притежавам EUROPASS сертификат за мезотерапия MEZOTECH mesoroller. Преминала съм обучение на Collin, Rejuvi, Histomer, Selvert, Profiderm. Прочети още

Вергилия Чаушева – медицински козметик
Определям се като отговорен и дисциплиниран човек, отдаден на работата си.
Естетиката и козметологията винаги са представлявали интерес за мен, затова реших професионално да се занимавам с това. Професионалното ми обучение за козметик протече в ЦПО “Аура-Л”. Преминала съм обучение за безиглена мезотерапия, химични пилинги и притежавам Europass сертификат. Участвала съм в обучения на Esthederm Paris, Forlled, Selvert, Skeyndor, Avene, Bioderma. Харесвам мисълта на Ралф Емерсън “Да обичаш красотата е вкус. Да създаваш красота е изкуство.” Прочети още

Маргарита Янкова – медицински козметик

Катя Георгиева – терапевт, масажист

Kaтя Георгиева е масажист – терапевт, с дългогодишна практика в областта на СПА и Уелнес процедури. Катя е работила пет години в швейцарска круизна компания, а след това… Прочети още

Лина Николова – маникюр, педикюр
Родена съм на 18.12.1979 в гр. София. Определям себе си предимно като творческа и комуникативна личност. За мен работата трябва да бъде хоби и да доставя удоволствие на човек …смятам, че съм намерила своето. Занимавам се с маникюр и педикюр от 6 години. Работила съм в салон за красота “Eleganza,” и студио за красота “Uniqato”. Имам професионални сертификата от обучения, включително и сертификат за работа с Shellac. Прочети още

I define myself as a person who appreciates beauty and strives after professional development to achieve better results. I have completed numerous trainings held by L’oreal, Inoa, Kerastase, Alfaparf in hair cutting techniques, colormetrics, hair and scalp analysis, etc. I have a 12-year professional experience and have successfully worked in the teams of Arlet, Valenti, Salon Kali, Trinity Contrast and Cocco. I have recently become a part of the incredible team of specialists at Aesthetic club. Read more

Пепи Борисова
Съвършенството е винаги възможно! Възприемам жените като уникални същества, към които, ако подходиш индивидуално и специално, можеш да превърнеш в произведение на изкуството.

I am a well-organized and positive person with good communicative skills. I completed my studies in the field of trade. I also completed additional trainings in white and decorative cosmetics which immersed me in the pleasurable world of women and their beauty. I worked as a sales assistant at cosmetic stores boasting a powerful array of top cosmetic brands and continued with medicinal cosmetics later on. I also worked as a sales representative of Delarom, Swiss Line, Couleur caramel in Varna until recently. My experience with high-quality cosmetic products helps me in serving and informing the clients of Aesthetic club – laser and dermatology clinic. Read more


Казвам се Аделина Петкова. Родена съм на 25.12.1992г. в гр. Русе. Завършила съм частна английска гимназия “Джордж Байрон”. След това продължих образованието си във Варна в Икономическия университет, където придобих бакалаварска степен “Финанси”. Прочети още

The clinic works with high-quality products and the latest cosmetic and medical grade equipment. We offer a wide array of treatments and procedures in the areas of aesthetic medicine and surgical dermatology. We are proud to be the one and only clinic in Varna that works with the state-of-the-art laser platform Matisse combining Er-Glass 1540 nm fractional laser and Nd:YAG 1064, short- and long- wavelength laser. The separate or combined use of the two lasers guarantees the effective, safe and long-lasting result from the treatment of problems such as: scars, stretch marks, enlarged pores, facial contour and skin tightening, pigmented spots, laser hair removal, vascular lesions on both face and body.

The clinic also offers Botox and filler treatments, mesotherapy, bio rejuvenation, chemical peels and cosmetic treatments among others. If you have a dermatological problem, we encourage you to book a consultation with one of our specialists. If need be, especially when it comes to problematic pigmented lesions, we offer a dermatoscopic diagnosis, biopsy, excision with a histological examination at the Military Medical Academy (MMA) in Sofia.

„ We care about your health, beauty and positive self-esteem!”
Aesthetic Club’s Team